School Uniform

Our school uniform provider is Their website has easy to follow instructions and they have a dedicated customer helpline number. With regards to the uniform fitting, Schoolblazer has developed an ‘intelligent sizing’ system; you input your child’s measurements and the system will guide you to the correct size, garment by garment to ensure an accurate fit. It also tells you how that garment will fit in a year’s time, allowing you to make a considered choice. Full guidance on how to measure your child can be found on the Schoolblazer site.

Uniform Guidelines

  • Full School uniform including blazer should be worn by the pupils during the school day and for official School functions e.g. assembly and concerts.
  • Sports kit should only be worn for sports lessons and enrichment and should not be worn to school.
  • During the school day and outside of PE lessons, pupils must wear their tracksuit bottoms if in PE kit.
  • All uniform must be clean and in a good state of repair. Pupils should look smart and take pride in their appearance.
  • Pupils in Years 7-9 should wear long hair tied back fully and off the shoulders. Older pupils may wear their hair down but will need to tie it back for some activities e.g. sport, when using machinery in the design department, Science lessons etc. Hair should not be streaked or dyed an unnatural colour.
  • Jewellery should not be worn, other than a watch and if your child has pierced ears they may wear a small, single stud in each lobe. A cross or religious symbol on a necklace may be worn with the Head’s permission. NB: If you are planning on having your child’s ears pierced, please be aware that earrings need to be taken out for sporting activities so you may need to plan ahead.
  • For pupils in Years 7 to 9, nail varnish and make-up are not permitted and pupils will be asked to remove it. Pupils in Years 10-11 may wear discreet make-up.
  • Shoes must be a plain, black leather (not patent), low-heeled walking shoe. They can be lace-up or slip on but must be suitable for all weather conditions. Trainers or casual shoes should not be worn.
  • Girls may wear black opaque tights.
  • Boys must wear grey or black short socks. Socks must be black or white and ankle length.

Sixth Form Uniform Guidelines

As sixth formers, you must suitably reflect the reputation of Ipswich High School to younger pupils and to those outside of the school. As such, it is expected that Sixth Form students look smart and presentable at all times and adhere to the dress code. This dress code has been agreed in consultation with Sixth Form students. You may also wish to purchase a sports kit and a school wool scarf from

  • Suits, dresses and jackets must be black, blue or grey and should be of a simple design – a light stripe is fine but there should be no heavy patterns or checks.
  • Boys should wear a suit and tie.
  • Blouses and shirts should be white, black or a pale colour.
  • Smart, comfortable, polished shoes should be worn in a dark colour.
  • Cardigans, if worn should be a smart knit and waist length.
  • Tights should be black, navy, grey or neutral.
  • Hair colour should be within the natural colour range. Extreme hairstyles or colours are not permitted.
  • Tattoos should not be visible and piercings should not be worn in School.
  • Jewellery, nail varnish and makeup should be subtle if worn.
  • Skirts or dresses must be of an appropriate length – no shorter than just above the knee and trousers should be tailored or cigarette-style. Leggings are not acceptable. Girls should avoid high heels.
  • Headscarves may be worn by Muslim girls and must be regulation grey colour with the ends tucked in at all times for safety reasons.
  • Girls may wear a base layer or full body swimming costume and this must be a solid navy blue colour.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Ipswich High School Association run a shop selling second-hand uniform on a monthly basis. The shop is located in Woolverstone Hall and will be open on set dates during each term. The uniform shop is useful to purchase school scarves and any required PE kit.

Click here for opening dates and times