School Uniform

Our school uniform provider is Their website has easy to follow instructions and they have a dedicated customer helpline number. If they wish, pupils may wear boys’ and/or girls’ uniform.  In order to get the full range of uniform available, please select ‘prefer not to say’ when selecting gender on With regards to the uniform fitting, Schoolblazer has developed an ‘intelligent sizing’ system; you input your child’s measurements and the system will guide you to the correct size, garment by garment to ensure an accurate fit. It also tells you how that garment will fit in a year’s time, allowing you to make a considered choice. Full guidance on how to measure your child can be found on the Schoolblazer site.

Our uniform guidelines seek to strike the right balance between allowing our pupils to express their individuality whilst balancing this with our desire for all pupils to take pride in looking their best.  It is also of paramount importance to us that our pupils arrive at school every day free to make the most of the exciting lessons and opportunities that await them, rather than focussing on their appearance and/or any related comparisons with their peers.

School Uniform Guidelines

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Ipswich High School Association run a shop selling second-hand uniform on a monthly basis. The shop is located in Woolverstone Hall and will be open on set dates during each term. The uniform shop is useful to purchase school scarves and any required PE kit.