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Top Results for GCSE & A Levels in the Suffolk Region

Performing Arts at Ipswich High School

At Ipswich High School we understand the importance of nurturing and encouraging creativity and the performing arts. We are leading the way in inspiring the next generation of performers and theatre practitioners.

We provide Dance, Drama and Music for all students at Ipswich High School through our curriculum and enrichment activities. Our performing arts subjects all have an experienced GCSE and A Level examiner teaching the courses and who provide outstanding teaching. Our learning environment and resources are unrivalled, and we provide numerous enrichment opportunities for performers of all abilities. What’s more, our performing arts subjects all have a history of outstanding GCSE and A Level results.

We believe that our students benefit from being involved in performing arts for various reasons. Not only does it build self-confidence as well as social and emotional awareness, empathy, physical coordination; it also allows them to consolidate and comprehend other subject areas through creative and collaborative study. All very important skills to help them thrive in education and the workplace.

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