School Lunches

School lunch charges are included in the school fees; there are no additional school lunch fees.

We believe that good health and effective learning go hand in hand. At Ipswich High School we take the wellbeing of our pupils very seriously.

Our food is of the highest quality and produced in partnership with Wilson Vale Catering Management, who share our passion and enthusiasm for quality, local sourced, healthy, home cooked food . Wilson Vale have contracts in business and industry, as well as school catering, and are a family run business with a husband and wife team, Caroline Vale and Andrew Wilson. Wilson Vale offer their expertise and knowledge to offer ideas for new innovative dishes, alternative ideas for ingredients to ensure that the food is healthy, seasonal items whilst maintaining the ethos of reducing the sugar and fat content in the food served to our pupils in the Orwell Kitchen.

Pupils enjoy a hot lunch every day, cooked on-site from fresh, seasonal and, wherever possible, local ingredients. Each day we have a different menu with a choice of two or three main courses. We also have salad and sandwich options. Pupils eat in our canteen and they are able to eat at least two of their five portions of fruit and vegetables at lunch. Oily fish is also provided once a week. Our hot traditional puddings are great favourites with our pupils and are available two or three times a week. Yogurt and fresh fruit are always available.

We run a nut-free kitchen and offer gluten-free, as well as vegetarian options each lunch time.

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