Year 7 Scholarships

At Ipswich High School we offer two scholarships to Year 7 entrants, with scholarships available for both internal and external pupils.

Christchurch Academic Scholarship

For entry to Year 7 we offer the Christchurch Academic Scholarship which is awarded to the top-performing children based on performance in the Entrance Examination. These are awarded by the Head and you do not apply.

Gainsborough Scholarship

Our Gainsborough Scholarships are awarded to Year 7 entrants who excel in Art, Drama, Music or Sport. Each area has a slightly different assessment process to determine whether your child is outstanding in these areas. These will be shared with you once we receive your application:


On the day of the assessment, pupils should bring a portfolio of recent work and we encourage candidates to include work completed in their own time alongside school art work. Portfolios should be no larger than your child is able to carry.

The Art assessment will involve a drawing activity based on still-life objects and you will be interviewed by the Head of Art and asked to share your portfolio and discuss your interest in Art.


On the day, the Drama assessment comprises three activities; group work (not assessed), which will include improvisation and this work will then be presented, the opportunity to perform a prepared piece of the applicant’s choosing (three minutes maximum) and, finally, an interview with the Director of Drama, giving candidates the opportunity to share their Drama interests and experience.

A professional actor/director will sit on the panel to review the monologues.


Applications will be reviewed and assessed by the Director of Music and a selection of pupils will then be invited to audition. More details will be sent to selected candidates closer to the time.

Candidates should have strong potential in at least one instrument. You will be asked to play a prepared piece of your choice for each instrument (maximum of three, including voice). The audition will also include an interview with our Director of Music, exploring the candidate’s musical interests.

We will be looking for candidates to demonstrate their musicality, flair and technical ability.


Applications will be reviewed and assessed by the Director of Sport and a selection of pupils will then be invited to attend practical assessments. More details will be sent to those pupils selected closer to the time.

We are looking for talented, high performing, all-round athletes who demonstrate the following qualities:

  • A high standard of performance in sport and a passion for and commitment to school sport
  • Ability to always perform to their full potential in lessons, practices and match fixtures
  • Positive attitude to all aspects of the PE curriculum and leadership skills and empathy towards others in sporting situations

The assessment will involve an interview with staff from the Sports Department and a series of generic practical assessment tests. Pupils may be filmed during the practical assessment.