We’ve all been celebrating after being named winners of a Suffolk-wide agricultural competition, beating 14 other local schools to the title.

Seven pupils from the Prep School entered this year’s Suffolk Farming School of the Year, which was themed on Farming Field to Fork.

We were announced winners of the competition in front of over 30,000 people on day 2 of the Suffolk Show, held at Trinity Park on Thursday 30th May.

As part of the competition, the pupils were tasked with creating a model cow made from recyclable packaging. Having made the semi-final, the group then travelled to the Suffolk Show to give a presentation on what they had learnt during the project.

Prep school teacher Cate Neville, who led the project, said: “The children are very excited to have won the competition and its lovely to see them rewarded after putting so much hard work into the project.

The children joined the Build a Cow club which was set up specifically for the competition, and as part of that, we created Milky MacCowell.

We have had great fun making Milky while being responsible and using recyclable materials.

We used eco bricks from the school’s eco-club, chicken wire and baler twine recycled from local farms, cardboard tubes from kitchen roll and papier mache to make our Highland cow, Milky.”

The competition was organised by the Suffolk Agricultural Association and gave the children involved the opportunity to learn about food chains, energy, plant life, food miles, animals and their habitats and pollination. It’s been a fantastic competition to be a part of, with the pupils particularly enjoying creating Milky, the model cow. A big congratulations to everyone involved!

5 June 2019