Welcome to the Prep School

I am delighted to welcome you to the Ipswich High School Prep School. In our Pre-Prep and Prep School we educate pupils from age 3 to 11, crucial years in the lives of our children. We strive to support the curiosity of learning and to make pupils’ first steps into education an inspiring and purposeful experience, equipping them for their future, whatever they choose to do.

I believe our Pre-Prep and Prep School is a remarkable place for your child to start their education. I love to see our pupils’ individual personalities, passions and curiosities develop throughout their time with us. We provide a supportive and caring environment, set in a culture of achievement and ambition with incredible educational and enrichment opportunities. Our location and surroundings make an unrivalled learning environment and we make use of our environment every day, via initiatives such as Forest School and Beach School.

Please do come and visit us to experience life in our Prep School, to see exactly how we can help your child grow and flourish.

Lisa Finch, Head of Prep School

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The School Day in Our Pre-Prep and Prep School

The School Day in Pre-Prep

Registration for our Pre-Prep pupils begins at 8:35am and the morning session ends at 11:45am. If pupils are staying with us for a full day, the afternoon session will end at 3:25pm. We offer Wraparound Care before and after school. You can find out more on our dedicated Wraparound Care page.

The School Day in our Prep School

Our Prep School pupils start their day at 8:35am for registration and the day ends at 4:25pm. School ends at 3:25pm on Friday. We offer Wraparound Care before and after school. You can find out more on our dedicated Wraparound Care page.

At the end of the school day, pupils who travel on the school coaches are accompanied to their respective coach by the staff on duty while others are collected from the Prep School.

Please email the Prep School Receptionist on p.receptionist@ipswichhighschool.co.uk if at any time you wish to change the person who regularly collects your child, or if there is any change to normal end of the day arrangements.


We welcome children in the term in which they turn three and operate a three-term school year. There are three year groups in the Pre-Prep:

Lower Pre-Prep (ages 3+): Pupils attend for a minimum of three mornings a week.

Middle Pre-Prep: (ages 4+): Pupils attend for a minimum of five mornings a week.

Upper Pre-Prep: Pupils must attend five full days of compulsory education (this is Reception class).

At the end of the Pre-Prep, your child will then automatically progress to Year 1 and carry on through the Prep School.