Senior School Admissions

We welcome applications for all stages in the Senior School, depending on availability of places. Children joining the Senior School will sit formal examinations and assessments and we will also request a reference from your child’s current school on receipt of your Registration Form.

Children entering the Senior School into Year 7 are welcome to make an application for a bursary and/or scholarships.

Typical Entry Points

Although below is the typical schedule for Year 7  entry, depending on availability we are be able to accept applications and make assessments at other times for all Senior School year groups. If you are interested in applying for Senior School entry, please contact the Registrar to discuss availability.

Year 7 Admissions Dates for September 2020

October 2019

  • 11th October: Deadline for submitting Year 7 Gainsborough Scholarship applications.

November 2019

  • 1st November: Deadline for bursary applications.
  • 1st November: Deadline for submitting Registration Form.
  • 7th – 8th November: Scholarship interviews and assessments for short-listed applicants.
  • 13th November: Entrance Examination and assessments. The Entrance Examination for Year 7 entry consists of two formal papers: English (comprehension and creative writing) and Mathematics. Additionally, your child will take part in a group activity with the Head of Year 7 and Assistant Head (Pastoral). Please click the following links to view and download practice papers for our English and Maths entrance exams.

December 2019

  • Offers of Admission made.
  • Scholarship recipients informed.
  • Bursary recipients informed.

March 2020

  • First Monday in March: Deadline for acceptance of place.


Year 7 Scholarships

At Ipswich High School we offer scholarships for Year 7 entrants, which are available for both current and new pupils. The Christchurch Academic Scholarship which is awarded to the top-performing children based on performance in the Entrance Examination. These are awarded by the Head and you do not apply. Our Gainsborough Scholarships are awarded to Year 7 entrants who excel in Art, Drama, Music or Sport. Each area has a slightly different assessment process to determine whether your child is outstanding in these areas.

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