SENCO Provision

We are strong believers in inclusive education. This approach increases the participation of all pupils in, and reduces their exclusion from our curriculum, other areas of school life and the wider school community. Our provision allows us to ensure that all pupils are able to access the full curriculum and fulfill their potential. We use our expertise to provide tailored recognition of each pupil’s needs and individual, personalised provision in our classrooms.

We support pupils who may have specific learning difficulties including dyslexia and dyspraxia, emotional or social difficulties such as ADHD, issues with communication such as speech and language difficulties or physical difficulties. Additionally we can provide English language support to those who speak a different language at home to ensure this does not impact upon their development.

However, learning support at Ipswich High School is about more than supporting those pupils with ‘special educational needs’ (SEN). It is about providing the right approach and provision to allow each individual to flourish in our school all across the curriculum. Staff, parents and the pupil play a key role in ensuring their needs are met. All teaching staff are kept well informed and provided with strategies for supporting SEN pupils. This approach allows us to integrate rather than segregate and ensure we support the learning of all pupils in all classrooms.

Where necessary, intervention sessions are put into place for a small number of pupils. These are focused and tailored to meet the child’s needs and will be monitored by targets that will be set at the beginning of the period of intervention.

It is important that pupils with SEN feel valued members of the school community and it is most effective when a shared approach exists between parents, teachers and the pupil. For this reason, we would welcome you to visit Ipswich High School and meet with the Head of Learning Support to discuss your child’s needs if felt necessary.

Dianna Firbank, SENCO

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