Wellbeing and Pastoral Care at Ipswich High School

Pastoral Care in the Prep School

Your child’s wellbeing is a top priority at Ipswich High School. Prep School pupils are given opportunities to develop as independent learners; cognitively, metacognitively and effectively. To enable and encourage children to grow, we look at how to support them in becoming resilient, independent learners, attentive, open-minded, inquisitive, respectful, polite and driven – so much so that we have written these qualities on the walls of the Prep School Library.

Our carefully coordinated pastoral curriculum – including British values, relationships, health and wellbeing and looking out to the wider world – promotes a positive approach to pastoral care. It is supported by a broad teaching and learning toolkit, built from extensive educational research. We aim to give all of our individual pupils the opportunity to gain, with guidance, the ability to deal with challenges of life.

We value parental views and believe good communication between parents, pupils and the school lies at the heart of your child’s development. Our staff are well-informed and mindful of their abilities and character. Lessons, enrichment and play times are all considered opportunities to help develop a mindful toolkit that will give your child the skills to approach their learning and life’s adventures positively.

Of course, there are those times when children just need someone to talk to. This is positively encouraged, and pupils have many different options to utilise including class teachers, lunch time supervisors, the Head Teacher and our full-time nurse. If they would rather not speak directly we also have class worry boxes for pupils to raise concerns.

We also have the support of a counsellor, when needed, for pupils who are facing challenges that require more in-depth guidance.

Pastoral Care in the Senior School

In the Senior School, pastoral care sits alongside the academic and enrichment provision, in order to ensure that the pupils receive a broad, balanced education in a supportive and caring environment.

There is a strong pastoral team who work closely with parents to ensure all pupils are fully supported. The Assistant Head (Wellbeing) is responsible for this important aspect of school life and works closely with the Heads of Year, Director and Deputy of Sixth Form, the Tutors and the School Nurse in all matters pastoral, as well as child-protection, safeguarding and e-safety.

The Senior School’s ‘Flourish’ programme encompasses the pastoral care provision and includes, amongst other things, the PSHE programme, wellbeing initiatives, form time and assemblies. ‘Flourish’ follows the WHO defined areas of health, namely social health, mental health and physical health; each term we focus on a specific area. Useful information and links are available on the Flourish pages on the School’s Firefly.

We recognise that, sometimes, pupils would rather talk to someone other than a teacher so we offer a counselling service in school. We also encourage the older pupils to take responsibility for younger pupils through the attachment of Sixth Form students to form groups and through specific Wellbeing Prefects. This year we will also be training a core of Year 12 students to take on the role of Peer Mentors who will learn to identify and deal with potential welfare issues.

View our Senior School Pastoral Handbook