Wellbeing and Pastoral Care in the Sixth Form

At Ipswich High School, we are deeply proud of the welcome and caring atmosphere created by our pupils and staff. Our ‘small school’ feel ensures that each pupil is known, valued and cared for as an individual.

“Pastoral Care is just as important as our academic and enrichment provision,and sits alongside them to ensure that each pupil receives a broad, balanced education in a supportive and positive environment.” – Ms Extance, Head of Senior School

There is an incredibly experienced Pastoral Team here at Ipswich High School. They work closely with parents to ensure all pupils are fully supported throughout their time with us. The team includes: the Head, Deputy Head, Head of Senior School, Head of Sixth Form and Head of Prep School, as well as the Heads of Year, Form Tutors, and the School Nurse.

Our School Nurse is in attendance every day, during school hours, to provide support in the medical rooms and to contribute to the pastoral care of all our pupils. For our boarders, there are the live-in House Parents and Matron who are available 24 hours a day.

Considerable thought is put into integrating new pupils into our school community. Therefore, each newcomer will attend several Taster or Induction Days in the lead up to their first term to allow them to become familiar with the school campus, meet their teachers and for friendships to flourish.

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, Pastoral Care is led by our Head of Sixth Form and specialist Tutors. Sixth Form Tutor Groups are smaller than those in the Senior School to allow Tutors the opportunity to work more closely, and develop a more relaxed relationship, with the students.

Initially, Tutors have an important role to play in helping the students adjust to the greater freedom of the Sixth Form and learn how to manage their time. In addition, they support each pupil individually in making the smooth transition from school to the next stage in their adult life, whether it is further education or employment. In view of the major decisions a student must make during Sixth Form life, we believe it is essential that there is a good relationship between our students and Tutors, based on trust and understanding.

As part of the Pastoral curriculum, pupils enjoy various Wellbeing initiatives including: Wellbeing Week, Teambuilding Days, Sixth Form Social Events and our daily Enrichment Programme.

In addition, our Sixth Form students take on leadership positions within the school, which includes roles such as Heads of School, Prefects, and the Student Leadership Team.

Sixth Form students can also make use of the full-time professional counselling service available should they want more in-depth personal guidance.

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Ms Kaye Extance, Head of Senior School

Sixth Form Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Imogen Vickers, Head of Sixth Form & Head of Art