Ownership and Management of Ipswich High School

Since Ipswich High School’s first Headteacher Sophie Youngman began challenging local prejudice about schooling for girls, Ipswich High has enjoyed a proud tradition of being a forward thinking, principled community, with academic excellence at its heart.

From that first day in 1878, Ipswich High School has undergone many significant changes. Today Ipswich High School is a flagship school in a major international education group, supporting thousands of students worldwide. This group includes one other UK independent school as well as schools in mainland China, including the 2,600 capacity Shandong University High School and the Yipu High School, an independent boarding school with capacity for 2400 pupils which opened in 2020. The group is headed by Ms. Xuyuan Lin who is the controlling Director of Ipswich Education Ltd, the Private limited Company which owns Ipswich High School. There are four other Directors on the board of IEL; two are Chinese nationals who are joined by Mr Michael Brewer and Mr Robert Tasker, both of whom are currently senior leaders in other UK independent schools operating outside our school’s group. The Directors are supported by three advisors.

Ipswich High School is licenced and regulated by the Department for Education and subject to exactly the same rigours of inspection as all other independent schools. Day-to-day, the school is managed by its Senior Leadership Team. We are fully committed to delivering an education to promote Fundamental British Values and Ipswich High School has no links to any pollical party, domestically or internationally. The Senior Leadership Team have full control over all areas of educational quality including curriculum design, staff recruitment and retention, pastoral care and the school’s other strategic improvement priorities.

It is the school’s aim to keep academic standards at Ipswich High School exceptionally high and not just to offer the finest education in East Anglia, but to help use this unique partnership to equip our students with the confidence, outlook and ambition to make their own unique mark on the world. To find out more about the opportunities that exist at Ipswich High School for your children, please contact admissions@ipswichhighschool.co.uk

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