Our Senior School Curriculum

At Ipswich High School, we pride ourselves on offering a broad and balanced curriculum through a wide array of academic subjects and a diverse set of opportunities available through our vast enrichment programme. This combination is certainly unique to many independent day schools and is one of which we are immensely proud.

The aim of teaching across the Senior School is to foster a love of learning by really engaging pupils in their learning and ultimately help them develop as outstanding learners. We want our pupils to be intellectually curious, ambitious, courageous, reflective, resilient and, above all, armed with key learning skills which will help them beyond their GCSEs.

Our Lower School Curriculum in Years 7 and 8 gives pupils an opportunity to study a wide range of subjects, perhaps studying subjects they have not studied before. The subjects vary from Performing Arts to Computing and Latin and Classics to Art and Design.

In Year 7, all pupils study one language initially, but in Year 8 they are able to select another language, broadening their study even further. By the time pupils reach the end of Year 8, they have learnt the fundamental concepts that provide a firm foundation to embark on their GCSE journey, which starts in Year 9.

Our Lower School Curriculum is an integral part of our newly formed Ipswich High School Diploma Programme. Year 7 and 8 pupils will be formally rewarded for their combined academic achievements and commitment to extracurricular activities they participate in.

At the end of Year 8, pupils can choose subjects they want to continue to study in Year 9. This is important as we start teaching the GCSE content in all subjects from Year 9, but final GCSE choices are not made until mid-way through Year 9. This means that pupils have the academic experience of GCSE study in each of their subjects before making their decisions to pursue a further two years of study. Studying GCSEs over three years enables our teachers to cover the GCSE programmes of study thoroughly, and gives our pupils time, not only to learn the content of the GCSE syllabus but also time to apply their knowledge in different contexts. This facilitates real in-depth learning and has certainly contributed to Ipswich High School’s excellent GCSE results. This strategy ensures that our pupils are fully prepared for the challenges of GCSEs and also for their studies beyond.

Throughout the Senior School, there are planned educational visits, for example, Geography field trips and visits to language centres, which are always extremely popular with pupils and enrich learning beyond lessons. Our Enrichment Programme also allows pupils to pursue their academic interests beyond the classroom.

Below are the subjects currently on offer in our Senior School curriculum:

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