Our Pre-Prep and Prep School Curriculum

We know from experience that a nurturing and supportive environment is the ideal setting for children to flourish. Our bespoke curriculum, teaching expertise, facilities and forward-thinking approach allow us to go above and beyond the constraints of the national curriculum for our Pre-Prep and Prep School pupils.

Each year in our Pre-Prep and Prep School will focus on different subjects surrounding reading, writing and numeracy as well as integrating other subjects like Art, History, Geography and French into the same subject. This holistic approach to our integrated curriculum is engaging and allows pupils to develop lasting links between different subjects and their skills.

Our Pre-Prep and Prep School Curriculum, coupled with our Forest and Beach School programme, has been designed to develop a broad range of intellectual, creative, practical, physical and social skills for our pupils, allowing them to be stretched and challenged academically. Every pupil is given the opportunity to develop their talents and abilities.

Below is a graphic which illustrates the breadth of our curriculum and how we blend academics, enrichment and wellbeing into a healthy balance of learning for our pupils.

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