Ipswich High School have entered a seven-year energy performance contract with Carbon Numbers that will provide the school with savings of 1,658 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

With the growing agenda for sustainability and energy reduction, Ipswich High School has appointed Carbon Numbers to manage their energy consumption and deliver a carbon management plan, thereby saving costs and improving their carbon footprint. Focusing on the need for energy management is crucial: it saves money, improves the environmental performance of buildings and helps everyone in the fight against climate change.

By working under a collaborative framework, Ipswich High School will benefit from enhancement to the environment and focused expertise without having to make capital investment.

‘It was important for us to find a partner that was willing to invest in supporting both our facilities and our education programs. This collaboration is innovative and creative for us, without us needing to tie up capital funding.’

‘Our facilities pose some unique challenges and throughout our discussion Carbon Numbers have shown a firm understanding of some of our restraints and limitations. They have excited us with the opportunities that we can create to improve our facilities, lower our costs and develop alternative sources on site for energy generation.’

Carbon Numbers will be responsible for ensuring all systems in place provide the best resources that develop a low carbon strategy for the buildings’ ongoing support.

The agreement includes:

  • Bill validation
  • Sub metering
  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMs)
  • Remote bureau support and assistance
  • Lighting upgrade to LED
  • Combined Heating Plant and Solar feasibility
  • Engagement and support with the education teams and children’s learning
  • Achievement of ISO50001 the global energy management standard

Over the duration of the contract it is estimated the school will see an overall saving of 1,658 tonnes of CO2 emissions, with the financial saving being equal to a year’s energy spend.