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Higher Project Qualification

AQA specification – Level 2

The Higher Project Qualification is an exciting opportunity to develop the skills required for an independent enquiry. This qualification offers pupils the opportunity to investigate a topic of their choice, record their research, deliver a presentation and produce a written report or artefact. Taught elements will develop skills to help girls complete the project successfully. These include research skills, critical analysis and project management.

As a Level 2 award, the qualification is equivalent to half a GCSE and will enhance work in other areas of the curriculum as well as preparing you for the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) in the Sixth Form. Universities are increasingly positive about the benefits of studying an EPQ and some are adjusting the offers they make to those applying for higher education. So this would be excellent preparation!

Some students in Year 9 have already started an HPQ and there will be the opportunity for others to begin it as they move into Year 10 in September 2017. You do need to be aware that this is a commitment for the whole year and the nature of the qualification requires you to work independently outside the sessions as well as attending the taught skills.