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GCSE Three Dimensional Design

Art and Design GCSE course AQA – Three Dimensional Design specializing in product design

The Course

This course provides students with a wide range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities to explore their interests in design in ways that are personally relevant and truly developmental in nature. AQA students will be set projects that require them to think independently and creatively. In Year 10 they will learn a range of design, making and computer skills which will enable them to start to be autonomous and use the laser cutter, 3D printer and workshop machinery in a creative and inspiring way. They will be set briefs that will challenge them to think innovatively and we will encourage pupils to bring their own interests and personality into their work.


Their work is assessed across two parts: a portfolio and an externally set task a (practical exam). The portfolio is made up of one sustained project produced in Year 11 and experimental work produced during Year 10. The externally set task will require them to complete a project inspired by a topic set by the exam board. They will then make their project in a ten hour exam over two days; it can be using the laser cutter, 3D printer or traditional machinery in the workshop.

60% weighting for the portfolio of work and 40% weighting for the externally set task.

Why Study Three Dimensional Design?

Design courses help to develop successful confident pupils and encourage mind sets and transferable skills that appear in all successful professionals and entrepreneurs. The design process challenges pupils to think independently, analyse, self-evaluate, experiment and learn a range of practical making and computer skills that are useful for any future career. They can lead onto a number of design related careers; Architecture, Interior Architecture, Engineering, Product Design, Jewellery Design, Graphic Design, Furniture Design, Interaction Design and Fashion Design to name just a few. Each project has a contextual element and will therefore also develop pupils’ understanding of art and design history. The skills learned on this Design course will also be helpful to prepare pupils for many different careers as they will need to be pro active and learn how to manage their own projects.