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GCSE Astronomy

Astronomy GCSE (Edexcel)

The Course

Are you fascinated by the night sky and our exploration of the Universe? Then GCSE Astronomy is the subject for you. The course will:

  • Develop your curiosity and enthusiasm for stars, planets and the universe we live in.
  • Enable you to acquire knowledge and understanding of astronomy theory and practice.
  • Enhance your science GCSE studies (there is limited space content in the triple award and none in the double award).
  • Complement your studies in arts and humanities subjects.

The material in the course broadly covers four areas:

Earth, Moon and Sun – you will study each body individually and the relationships between them such as lunar and solar eclipses.

Planetary Systems – you will look at our solar system including comets and meteors, the story of how they were discovered and the development of our observations of them.

Stars – you will learn about the evolution of stars and how and why we observe them, the constellations in the night sky and how they can be used to find your way around.

Galaxies and Cosmology – you will gain an understanding of the Milky Way, our place in it and how it fits into the Universe, the different types of galaxies and theories for their evolution.

During the course you will also undertake practical observations of these phenomena, both with the naked eye and aided.


Assessment will comprise two written papers (each 1 hour 45 mins) with a mixture of question styles including multiple-choice, short answer, calculations, graphical and extended open-response questions. Whatever combination of subjects you are taking, you will find Astronomy a fascinating subject.