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Art and Design (AQA)

The Course

The course provides you with a wide range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities to explore your interests in Art and Design in a way that is personal and relevant, through practical skills and by developing a visual literacy in the appreciation of different cultures and the work of artists, designers and craftsmen.

The GCSE syllabus encourages a full exploration of a range of disciplines and you will be able to experiment with painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, mixed-media, as well as three-dimensional work and photography. You will learn how to develop through a project, evaluating and reviewing your work as you investigate your ideas and respond to the work of others, informing your own practice.


The first unit is coursework, which is a portfolio of work worth 60% of the marks. Work is undertaken during lessons and at home. It includes sketchbooks, paintings, mixed media or sculptural pieces. It is completed during a set time scale.

The second unit is an externally set task (exam) developed from one idea from a question paper. You will have a set period of time to develop your ideas and then produce an outcome during a ten hour period. You will be helped during the preparatory stages to select a question and start your studies. This second unit is worth 40% of the overall marks.

The course culminates with an exhibition of your work at the end of June 2020.

Why Study Art & Design?

This course will prepare you for study of Art at a higher level, particularly through the exploration of images, ideas and artists in the sketchbook work. If you have an interest in Art and are considering Architecture, Design, Fashion, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Film and Photography or History of Art as a future career, then this subject is essential for further progression at A Level and then to Foundation and Degree Courses.