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Exam Board: AQA

The Course

The Extended Project Qualification is delivered as part of the academic enrichment curriculum. In the autumn term of Year 12, you will have one session a week of taught skills in which you will be introduced to the aims and objectives of the Extended Project Qualification. Key skills essential for the successful management of a project will be covered. These include project planning, time management tools, how to access, analyse and evaluate a range of primary and secondary data and the importance of accurate academic referencing.

In the second term you will be ready to complete a project proposal and to begin working on your own research. At this point, you are allocated a supervisor who has regular meetings with you to monitor your progress. Taught skills continue throughout the spring and summer terms as you develop and realise your project. Your finished product can be a research-based written report or an artefact which is supported by a written report.

In the autumn term of Year 13, you will arrange and deliver a presentation, complete your project product and undertake to reflect on the process. All stages of the process need to be evidenced in your logbook and marks are awarded holistically to reflect your ability to meet the assessment objectives.

Exams and Assessment

Your completed project product, along with your logbook, must show that you have met the following assessment objectives:

  • Manage – 20%
  • Use Resources – 20%
  • Develop and Realise – 40%
  • Review – 20%

All work is moderated by AQA and you will be awarded a grade of A*- E. The UCAS tariff on these grades is equivalent to half an A Level.

Support for EPQ students at Ipswich High School

The Projects and Skills department is staffed by a range of teachers. Mrs. Marvell is the Centre Co-ordinator and she appoints the supervisors for each project. Our staff have considerable experience in delivering the Extended Project and we are very happy to help you to explore any topic of interest.


University Courses and the EPQ

The EPQ is highly regarded by all universities. Some will give attractive alternative offers to EPQ students and all universities recognise the valuable skills which are developed through the project.

The University of Manchester states that, ‘The skills that students develop through the Extended Project are directly relevant to and useful for university-level study. Students can refer to the Extended Project in their UCAS personal statements and at interview to demonstrate some of the qualities that universities are looking for’.

The university emphasises that, overall, the EPQ offers opportunities for you to:

  • Have a significant input into the choice and design of an extended piece of work;
  • Develop and apply decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, initiative and enterprise;
  • Extend your planning, research, criticalthinking, analytical, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills;
  • Use your experiences to support your personal aspirations for higher education and career development.

Other leading universities echo these advantages of undertaking the Extended Project Qualification.

The University of Oxford, for example, states that ‘qualifications such as the EPQ can be one way of demonstrating the academic abilities that will be required for the intense studying of an Oxford degree’.

So whatever your interest and whatever your plans for the future, the EPQ could help you to realise your aims and it will provide you with a personal sense of achievement along the way.