I think Wednesday 23rd May 2018 has been one of the most significant days during my career in education. Big things really do come from small ideas. Little did we know, when IHS suggested hosting a Diamond Model Schools’ Conference, how popular this would be. There are seventeen Diamond Model Schools that we invited to join us and twelve were in attendance at the conference this week, with a couple also requesting the follow-up information as they were unable to attend. There were 33 delegates in total from the twelve Diamond Model schools. Some of the schools represented were New Hall School, Berkhamstead School, Stamford Endowed School, The Grammar School at Leeds and The Stephen Perse Foundation.

My aim at the end of the conference was to secure enough support for this initiative that a Head from another school thought the idea was good enough for them to agree to host a similar event next year. I am extremely pleased to report that they were all very keen.

we were inundated with offers to host the Diamond Model Schools’ Conference 2019 and we will be at Berkhamsted School next year. The opportunity to network with staff and Heads from other schools far exceeded my expectations, with resounding support for the formation of a more formalised Diamond Model Schools’ Network to be established.

The 23rd May marks the start of an educational revolution with the establishment of a Diamond Schools’ Network. I am really excited about sharing further information about this group as it establishes itself and grows in the coming years.

By Oona Carlin, Head

More photos from the Diamond Model Schools’ Conference 2018 can be seen below.