We are pleased to announce that Charlie Creed and Florence Gardner have been voted in as our new Heads of School. The pair have many ideas that they can’t wait to introduce to all year groups. Their main priority is to get to know everybody across all year groups. They are keen to become more involved with the Prep School and want to create more Enrichment opportunities.

Their plan for the upcoming year is to build on the House system and also create a Tutoring Committee so older students can give advice to whoever needs it. They are particularly excited to organise more social events for each year group as they believe that meeting outside an academic setting will improve relationships across the school. Charlie and Florence are both really excited to see their ideas implemented.

A message from Florence: “I am so delighted to represent Ipswich High School as the new Head of School. I joined the school in Year 7 and have been here for six years, so I’ve experienced every part of the school and therefore can relate with every other student and help them with any problems they may have.

A message from Charlie: “Despite only having been here for two full terms, I can without a doubt say that I have fully enjoyed myself. Seeing the school with fresh eyes, I think I can bring new ideas to the table and hopefully make the school even better than it already is. I can’t wait to represent everyone as the new Head of School.

3 June 2019