Career & University Preparation

The Ipswich High School careers and university preparation starts before Sixth Form; our careers programme has a whole-school remit designed to complement the rest of the school curriculum.

We encourage our pupils and students to be ambitious, broaden their horizons and explore their own career aspirations throughout their life at school. Our careers programme aids our pupils’ and students’ readiness to take their next step in their learning or career.

In Sixth Form, this guidance becomes more personalised and tailored to each student’s individual strengths, plans and interests. Many of our sixth formers receive offers at their first choice (usually Russell Group) universities, including Oxbridge, for challenging subjects such as Classics, Law and Medicine. However, our careers advice offers more than this ‘traditional’ path. We provide guidance for any course at any university in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

To see where some of our alumni have studied, including their course of choice, see our University Destinations page.

We also support our students who choose not to go to university and are interested in beginning their careers after A Levels via an internship or similar. Our diverse alumni network reflects the broad interests and true individuality of our Sixth Form alum through the years and features prize-winning authors, doctors, actors, ambassadors, lawyers, scientists and Olympians.

Ipswich High School’s provision for Careers provides:

  1. Practical experience of work
  2. Opportunities to meet and question professionals from a variety of fields
  3. Psychometric and aptitude career profiling with impartial careers advice
  4. Support and assistance with university, apprenticeship, internship, gap year and employment applications and interviews

Our full Careers Education and Access Policy can be found here.


Use our admissions portal to make your enquiry.  This will provide us with all the information we need at this stage and a member of the admissions team will be in touch with you shortly.

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