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A Level Psychology

Exam Board: AQA Psychology A Level 7181/7182

Psychology is the study of human mind and behavior, it uses scientific research methods to investigate, analyse and explain a range individual and group behaviors. Psychology makes increasing use of data analysis and statistical testing, teaching skills which many of today’s employers find desirable. If you are curious as to why people behave the way they do then you will enjoy this course.

The Course

Autumn and Winter term:

AS: Introductory topics in psychology; Cognition (memory processes and eye witness testimony), Attachment (with a focus on early relationships), Social psychology (an in depth look at obedience and conformity) and Research methods.
A2: Compulsory units; Approaches (part two), Issues and Debates, Biopsychology part 2.
Option 1-part 1(Relationships).

Spring term:

AS: Approaches (part 1), Individual differences and Psychopathology, and Research methods.
A2: Option 1 part 2, Option 2 (Stress), Option 3 (Aggression). Research methods (Data analysis and statistic testing).

Summer Term:

AS: Biopsychology part 1. Revision Exam practice and technique.
A2: Revision. Exam practice and technique.

Exams and Assessment

AS: All units are assessed internally at the end of each unit. The AS course is assessed internally during the summer term – 2 x 1.5hour papers.

A2: 3 x two hour exams: Paper One – Introductory topics in Psychology, Paper Two – Psychology in context, Paper Three – Issues and opinions. Final formal examination will take place in June.


Teachers and Teaching

Teaching will include practical work, group work, individual research and study, use of online interactive materials, presentations and modelling.

University Courses and Careers

Career opportunities include: clinical psychologist, counselling psychologist, educational psychologist, forensic psychologist, further education teacher, health psychologist, occupational psychologist, environmental psychologists, primary care graduate or mental health worker.