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A Level Physics

Exam Board: Edexcel Physics (9PH0)

The Course

A two-year course leading to an Advanced GCE in Physics (the AS course is not offered). Content is taught by two teachers concurrently, following the concept approach and includes:

 Year 12:

  • Working as a physicist
  • Mechanics
  • Electric circuits
  • Materials
  • Waves and the particle nature of light

Year 13:

  • Further mechanics and oscillations
  • Thermodynamics
  • Fields – gravitational, electric and magnetic
  • Nuclear and particle physics
  • Space

Exams and Assessment

Paper 1 – 1 hour 45 mins, 30% of total mark (half the specification content will be tested using a variety of question styles including multiple choice, short open, calculations and extended writing)

Paper 2 – 1 hour 45 mins , 30% of total mark (testing the second half of the specification content with the same variety of question formats)

Paper 3 – 2 hours 30 mins, 40% of total mark (a synoptic paper which may draw on any aspect of the specification, question formats as above but omitting multiple choice)

There is also a practical endorsement which is internally assessed by teaching staff over the two year course. The course includes 16 required practicals which enable pupils to meet the necessary criteria.

Teachers and Teaching

Students will have two teachers for the duration of the course, Miss Nicola Rouse and Mrs Karen Gould, who will each teach separate topics. Lessons will include theory, discussion, plenty of practical work both in groups and individually, research and question practice.


University Courses and Careers

Physics, Engineering (mechanical, electrical, Civil, aeronautical, automotive, manufacturing etc.), Architecture, Materials Science, Medicine, Astrophysics, Natural Sciences, Space Science, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Science and Dentistry.

Career opportunities include: Particle physicist, meteorologist, patent attorney, spacecraft engineer, teacher, geophysicist, medical physicist, surgeon, structural engineer, architect, visual effects artist, computer programmer, theoretical physicist, banker, sports engineer, journalist, mechanical engineer, environmental technical advisor… the list is endless.