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A Level Mathematics

Exam Board: Edexcel

The Course

This consists of Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics,

Exams and Assessment

You will take three 2 hour papers at the end of Year 13, Two in Pure Maths and One in Statistics and Mechanics. All papers are equally weighted and calculators are allowed in each.

Teachers and Teaching

You will have two teachers and nine lessons of 55 minutes per fortnight. You will receive regular homework based on the work studied in lessons.

  • Small class sizes
  • Each single maths group will have two teachers, Further maths groups may have up to 3 teachers
  • 9 hours of lessons per fortnight
  • Lunchtime maths support
  • Autograph on laptops
  • Opportunity to participate in the Senior Maths Challenge and Team Maths Challenge
  • Opportunity to experience Maths inspiration lectures at Cambridge
  • Solomon Press worksheets with fully worked answers to support the pure maths work.

Teachers will include: Mrs Finbow, Mr Rands, Mrs McGlynn and Mr Challener.

University Courses and Careers

A-Level Mathematics is vital for students interested in studying any of the sciences or engineering at university. It is also advantageous for students planning to study accountancy, business, computing, economics and psychology.

Career progression includes: Accountancy, banking, finance and pensions, insurance and actuarial science, statistician, meteorology, logistics, IT and computing, teaching, engineering.