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A Level Geography

Exam Board: AQA

The Course

Year One:

Autumn Term – Changing Places and Hazards.
Spring Term – Coastal Systems and Landscapes.
Summer Term – Coursework Field Trip and Write Up.

Year Two:

Autumn Term – Water and Carbon Cycles and Global Systems and Governance.
Spring Term- Population and the Environment and Revision

Exams and Assessment

For A-Level:

  • 1 x Written Examination 2 hours 30 minutes on Human Geography
  • 1 x Written Examination 2 hours 30 minutes on Physical Geography
  • 1 x Geographical Fieldwork Investigation (3000 – 4000 words) based on data collected in the field

Teachers and Teaching

Students will experience a range of activities which are stimuLating and engaging. These include an enquiry-based approach to learning, where the emphasis is on decision making and reasoning. This approach will help learners develop some of the key skills which are demanded at university and in the work place. Students will refine their essay writing and improve their ability to extract and synthesize information, alongside conducting their own research.

Miss Lisa Richards – Head of Geography

Mrs Jude Marvell – Assistant Head of Sixth Form and Teacher of Geography and Economics

University Courses and Careers

A-Level Geography is an exciting and unique subject, which combines the arts and the sciences. It complements a wide range of university courses and provides an
excellent basis for developing valuable skills which are sought after by employers.

University courses that students may go on to study include: Geography BA/BSc, Environmental Science BSc, Meteorology MSc, Atmospheric Science MSc, Urban Planning BA, and Development Studies BA amongst many others. Geography is regarded as half-art, half-science it also complements students who wish to progress to fields such as medicine, dentistry, architecture or engineering.

Geography is a diverse subject which helps learners develop a diverse skills set. Students may go on to career paths such as: climate change analyst, climatologist, meteorologist, pollution analyst, surveyor or town planner to name but a few possibilities.