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A Level English Literature

Exam Board: AQA

The Course

English Literature A Level is a new two year course with all examinations sat at the end of Year 13. The course provides opportunity for detailed guided and independent study of drama, poetry and prose. The units of study are ‘Love through the Ages’, ‘Texts in a Shared Context’ and the non-examined assessment (NEA), ‘Texts Across Time’.

From the start of year 12 students will be studying ‘Love through the Ages’ which takes a thematic approach to literature from Shakespeare to the modern day. This unit encourages exploration of various aspects of love and the ways in which writers present ideas of love as well as how audiences of the past and present interpret and respond to such themes. Texts studied will be wide ranging, encompassing drama, poetry and prose written at differing points in history.

‘Texts Within a Shared Context’ will cover texts post-1945 to present day, again involving the study of drama, poetry and prose. Students will explore contemporary literature’s engagement with some of the social, political, personal and literary issues which have helped to shape the latter half of the 20th century and the early decades of the 21st century.

You will have two teachers to guide you through the texts and prepare you for your final examinations in the summer of 2020. Whilst each providing guidance on different texts, your teachers will ensure your studies are well -integrated and topics explored will complement each other’s lessons, thereby ensuring every student has a solid underpinning in preparation for examinations and future literature studies.

Year 12

  • Shakespeare: Othello Poetry: Pre20th Century
  • Shakespeare: Othello Poetry: Post20th Century
  • Novel: Jane Eyre Poetry: Post20th Century
  • Novel: Jane Eyre Literary Movements
  • Text study and NonExamined Assessment prep Unseen Prose
  • Text study and NonExamined Assessment prep Drama: All My Sons

Year 13

  • NEA pit-stop Drama Study: All My Sons
  • Poetry: Skirrid Hill Revision of post-1900 poetry
  • The Handmaid’s Tale NEA pit-stop
  • Unseen Prose Exam practice and revision
  • Exam practice and revision

Exams and Assessment

As a linear course, there will be no external examinations until the end of Year 13. However, there will be regular assessment of class work and homework in addition to more formal assessment at the end of each half-term. Students will be given regular feedback and steps for improvement that are in line with AQA’s examination marking policy.

The non-examined assessment is worth 20% of the final A Level and involves an independent critical comparison of two texts. Students will be supported in their choice of texts and topic and appropriate lesson time will be devoted to independent work. However, due to the nature of the task, it will be necessary for students to dedicate time outside class to the completion of their essays. The first draft will be due at the end of summer term 2019 and the final draft due before Christmas.

Teachers and Teaching

A full range of individual and group activities are used throughout the two years of study. Individual analysis of texts is complimented by group discussions and peer assessment allowing for ideas and skills to be enhanced and improved. There is a great deal of support and guidance with essay technique to give each student confidence when expressing their original ideas. Your teachers will be Miss Limer and Mr Hastings.

University Courses and Careers

A Level Literature is widely regarded as an academic and challenging A Level which shows universities and employers that you can engage meaningfully with complex ideas at a detailed level, communicate your thoughts and opinions in a logical and structured manner and that you have the ability to apply yourself in a range of contexts and working styles. It is a valuable A Level to any university or employer and can lead to a multitude of professions.