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A Level Biology

Exam Board: Edexcel Specification A (Salters Nuffield) (9BN0)

The Course

There will be two teachers and each teacher will cover a different topic so you will work on 2 topics simultaneously:

Autumn Year 12:

Topic One: Lifestyle, Health and Risk (The heart and cardiovascular disease)
Topic Two: Genes and Health (cystic fibrosis, membranes, proteins and the lungs)

Spring Year 12:

Topic Three: Voice of the Genome (genetics, the cell cycle, stem cells and reproductive cells)
Topic Four: Biodiversity and Natural Resources (adaptations, diversity and survival)

Summer Year 12:

  • Completion of topics three and four
  • A one week Residential Field studies course

Autumn Year 13:

Topic Five: On the Wild Side (Ecosystems and climate change and photosynthesis)
Topic Six: Infection, Immunity and Forensics (immune system, forensics including DNA profiling, diseases such as AIDS and TB)

Spring Year 13:

Topic Seven: Run for your Life (exercise, muscles and respiration)
Topic Eight: Grey matter (nerves, the brain, visual development, learning and memory)

Summer Year 13:

  • Revision

Exams and Assessment

A Level examinations will be taken at the end of Year 13. There are 3 x 2hr papers covering the specification including application of knowledge including practical and numerical skills. For the third paper you will also be given some pre-release material based on current biological research on which you will answer questions.

There is also a practical assessment (CPAC) which is a pass/fail in addition to the A Level qualification which you will be assessed through 18 core practicals which will be completed throughout the course during normal lessons.

Teachers and Teaching

Teaching will include practical work, group work, individual research and study, use of on-line interactive materials, presentations and modelling. Ms Bagley, Miss Eddis, Ms Hannaford and Mrs Wilesmith.

University Courses and Careers

Biology, Zoology, Pharmacology/Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Physiology, Marine Biology, Ecology, Sports Science, Plant Science/Botany, Genetics, Nursing, Midwifery, Psychology.

Biology A Level leads on to numerous careers including; research scientist, doctor, dentist, vet, optician, ecologist, environmental biologist, physiotherapist, nurse, midwife, teacher, dietician, food scientist, pharmacist, microbiologist, surgeon.