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Woodland Pre-Prep (age 3 - 5)

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Senior School (age 11 - 16)

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Private Education in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk 

Whatever the age of your daughter, Ipswich High School for Girls can offer an environment where she can truly flourish. Our beautiful 84 acre site in Woolverstone, near Ipswich has a strong reputation across East Anglia for providing leading private education. We give your daughter the many benefits of being in a girls only learning environment, including increased confidence, individuality and the opportunity to meet her full potential in a fun, warm and nurturing environment.

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Our youngest pupils attend our Woodland Pre-Prep, which is designed for girls aged 3-5 years. Under the guidance of our skilled and experienced staff, our Pre-Prep pupils take part in an all-round fun educational program that is unique among private girls' schools in Suffolk and Essex. Our Woodland Pre-Prep environment promotes curiosity and begins a love of learning which our girls take with them up until Sixth Form and beyond. Our campus provides the perfect, safe and welcoming setting for this important stage in our pupils' journey. We have wonderful early years facilities in a beautiful rural setting unmatched by other independent establishments in the county.

After Pre-Prep, our girls join the Junior School, which caters for pupils aged between 5 and 11 and provides one of the best private learning experiences for this age group. The curriculum at this level is broad and engaging, with increasing opportunities for the pupils to take part in extracurricular/enrichment activities. Through this enrichment, our pupils take advantage of our extensive facilities and start to learn more about their passions and interests. We aim for all students leaving Junior education to be well prepared, confident, life-long learners who are ready to step up to the challenges of our Senior School. Our place as the independent school of choice in Suffolk and Essex for girls is a testament to our success.

Our Senior School, for students aged 11-16, offers a unique girls' only private education. Our holistic approach to the curriculum is designed to bring out the best in every single student and develop their individual interests. We offer one of the best independent Senior Schools in the region, with older students having the opportunity to mentor the younger girls, building strong friendships, leadership skills and confidence amongst our pupils. We aim to develop our students into vibrant and empowered young women who are prepared to take charge of their own future. Although we put a large focus on enrichment activities outside the classroom, our students compete academically with the best private girls' schools in the country. Our GCSE scores are not only better than other independent schools in our region, our students regularly receive results that are among the highest in England.

After GCSEs, students move on to our Sixth Form which provides an ideal environment for A Level success. Our Sixth Form community offers a tailored and bespoke approach to A Levels with small group teaching that ideally prepares students for life at top universities. Our tutorial style approach to A Level teaching is not found in many other schools in Suffolk and Essex. The girls only environment offers our students the ability to explore their own interests and limits without the pressures of a coeducational environment that you find in other establishments. As in all other levels, we aim to offer a rich learning experience that is not only academic. Our extracurricular options via our embedded enrichment programme, allow our Sixth Form students to explore their interests and expand their horizons. Although this makes for a busy two years, our results show that we get the best from our students. Our university success, A Level grades, well-being and positivity amongst our students stand out over other private schools in Essex, Suffolk and beyond.

If you are still not sure if Ipswich High School for Girls is the right fit for your family, we invite you to make an appointment and take a private tour of our campus. During your visit we are confident that you will see the value and quality education that we offer to families here in Suffolk, Essex & lower Norfolk.