Former Pupils

The Old Girls' Association of Ipswich High School

Every girl who leaves Ipswich High is now invited to join the Old Girls' Association for free. Our OGs are a diverse and far flung group of individuals who are always very welcome back at school. Each year, the OGA holds a Spring lunch and an AGM, however we are currently working on creating many more social opportunities and reunions for the coming years. To help connect our past pupils more effectively, the OGA has recently launched a Facebook page to rekindle lost friendships, share memories, advertise OG events, and generally keep the conversation going! Please visit and join our Facebook page to find out more.

The OGA has recently moved our School News archive online and it is now available in a searchable, digital format. Please see:

 If you aren't yet a member but would like to join, please contact: Charlotte Godfrey, Membership Secretary Email: We would love to hear from you!

The GDST Alumnae Network

As a past GDST pupil, you are also automatically a member of The GDST Alumnae Network, a vibrant community of around 57,000 former students from all the GDST Schools. The Network brings together Alumnae based in the UK and overseas, facilitating connections, sharing news, offering advice on university and careers expertise as well as hosting professional events. The diversity and size of the Alumnae Network is totally unique to GDST schools. Learn more about this extraordinary resource by visiting the GDST website.

The GDST brings together alumnae from schools all over the country including via Facebook groups for former GDST now studying at university. Join your GDST Facebook group and find out about the other networking opportunities available here.

Keep us updated!

We love to know what our alumnae have achieved after leaving Ipswich High School. Please do keep in touch with the school and let us know about your achievements including university results and career milestones by emailing:

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